Laying the foundations of your network

Ethernet and Fibre Installs

Data Cabling and Infrastructure

An office reshuffle, new installation, additional points, the infrastructure needed for a new phone system or Wi-Fi throughout your building; our installers can do it all.

Take our in depth and end user considerate planning, expert technical knowledge in not only the cabling infrastructure, but what will be operating on it. Combine it with our minimal disruption approach, and you have a non-invasive solution to your physical networking requirements.

From grade 1 listed buildings to more mainstream office space, to a complete refit of a refurbished office block, our experienced team is available to assist you in any cabling needs. We utilise high grade Category Cable and Fibre Optics to bring you a resilient and future proof network infrastructure.

When necessary, working alongside the other tradesmen onsite, we bring disruption to an absolute minimum with detailed investigation at the planning phase.