Don't let a disaster ruin your business

Plan to Survive

Business Continuity

Let us help you build your contingency plan before you need it.

Would your business be able to survive in the event of a disaster? If you lost your core systems during a fire, flood or break-in, could you recover quickly and efficiently?

Businesses of today find it extremely difficult to survive without technology for long periods of time. 2LOGIC have the real world experience to deliver a robust continuity plan to ensure the impact on your business operations is minimal in the event of a disaster.

Why have a Business Continuity plan?

• Protect your core systems and data with offsite backups
• Minimise interruption of normal business operations
• Minimise financial repercussions
• Establish alternative working location
• Provide a smooth and rapid restoration of services
• Pre-arrange your Disaster Recovery Team and their roles
• Catalogued list of 3rd party supplier details

Business Continuity doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. Each implementation is both bespoke and ongoing in terms of maintenance. As well as being expected by suppliers and customers, a Business Continuity Plan will enable your business to survive in a disaster should the worst ever happen.

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