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All your data, in one secure place

Sync, Share, Collaborate

Cloud Storage

Secure anytime, anywhere access to your files from any platform. Moving your data to the Cloud increases productivity, organisation and collaboration.

With more people using multiple devices both in the Office and on the go, traditional file shares on local Servers are no longer scalable. Cloud Storage makes it easy to work wherever you are.

Benefits of moving to Cloud Storage:

• All your data, in one place.
• Easily share and collaborate with others.
• Keep all of your devices in sync – Desktop or Mobile.
• Versioning enables you to recover previous versions of files, even if you deleted them.
• Passwords and Encryption to secure your data.

Types of Cloud Storage:

There are many business grade services available offering public cloud storage. One of the most popular is Microsoft’s OneDrive – 1TB of storage per user as part of the Office 365 Suite. Think of OneDrive as your own personal documents directory in the cloud. OneDrive has a sync tool allowing you to save your documents locally, and then securely sync a copy up to the cloud, allowing you to access the same library of files from any of your devices.

Sharing files amongst a team, similar to having a shared area on a local file server, can now be done via Microsoft SharePoint – also part included in the Office 365 Suite. SharePoint uses the OneDrive sync tool to keep a local copy of the files you are working on, again allowing you to access the same library of files from any of your devices.
Office 365 is subscription based, which makes it ideal for businesses who want to avoid upfront costs and pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

2LOGIC also offer a Private Cloud Solution, keeping all of your data in-house on your own hardware. The storage devices will easily embed into your network and give you the same feature set as most public cloud solutions. Our Private Cloud Solution is not subscription based, thus no recurring costs.