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Secure Backups in the Cloud

Safeguarding your data

Cloud Backup

An affordable, reliable and secure offsite backup solution for your business.

2LOGIC can provide a service to perform both file-level and image-based backups to the cloud for your servers and workstations. With the destination being secure encrypted data centres mirrored around the world, this method of backup is an efficient and secure way of making sure your content is safe off-premise should any kind of disaster occur. By using 2LOGIC, you are also getting the expertise to reliably deploy and regularly test the backup process, ensuring full peace of mind.

File Based

This method takes just the individual files from the backup target and copy them to the secure cloud storage. By backing up this way, you may only recover individual files, not the entire operating system and its associated software.

Image Based

The source hard disk is cloned as an individual file and copied to the cloud. This enables you to recover the entire machine to alternative hardware should the worst happen to your live environment.

Other features and benefits of 2LOGIC’s Cloud Backup.
• 256 bit AES Encryption
• A Managed, proactively monitored backup schedule.
• Supporting both Windows and Mac.
• Version retention (for reverting to previous copies of files)
• Accessible anywhere in the world.
• SaaS – only pay for what you use.

Please note, cloud backups are ideal for making sure your data has a copy offsite, eliminating the risk of damage fire or loss of your external physical backups taken offsite. It is highly recommended you still perform a local backup, enabling you to perform speedy recoveries in less critical scenarios.

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